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Hazelnut cake advice

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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I need some advice :)

I am making a birthday cake for a friend of mine and I want to do a hazelnut-chocolate-irish cream cake. She is pregnant, though, so I can't use actual irish cream liquor or anything with alcohol. So I'm planning the following:

2 or 3 hazelnut cake layers (made from hazelnuts, eggs, sugar and baking powder)

Irish cream syrup to make the layers moist (made from irish cream tea, cinnamon, maybe a little cardamom, and sugar)

simple whipped chocolate filling (whipping cream and milk chocolate)

milk chocolate ganache to cover the cake (infused with irish cream tea again)

To decorate, I want to make truffles from the leftover ganache and roll them in hazelnuts


I want to point out that I am a total beginner and all the components are taken from various sources, so I really don't know if it would work well when I combine them. What do you think? Do you have any better ideas for a filling, or cake layers, or anything?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Thank you for your time :)


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I don't know that I would combine those spices with hazelnut and chocolate. Those are all pretty assertive flavors and that combination of spices with the hazelnut doesn't strike me as especially complementary. 


The hazelnut/chocolate combination is a good one, though.

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