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bitter mushrooms

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Who here uses them?  I've found the dried violet-grey bolete to be amazingly aromatic when boiled in maple syrup (I don't eat the mushroom, however, but allow it to flavor the syrup).  I also heard another similar species is eaten in Thailand, fresh. 

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My spouse would freak if I every tried that.  There's a bolete called "old man" or something like that because it is grey and wrinkly.  It supposedly is bitter or off-flavored but those I've found arouns here are nice eating.  Remeber of course that the bright red/orange ones are poisonous.



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So, no bitter ones....  OK.


BTW, orange ones are mostly not poisonous, esp. when cooked well.  But, if you don't know what's what, it is best to play it safe.


Old man of the woods isn't really bitter, but there's a lookalike that is (though it lacks pores so in my book not a lookalike).


Sam Schaperow

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