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Just wanted to say hello!  New to the site and can't wait to dive in!


I'm a 17+ year vet in culinary kitchens across North America and have settled in MD with my husband (also a Chef) and 2 children, working as a Chef Instructor. 




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Aloha Christina, Welcome to Chef Talk.

An instructor in Maryland, where abouts?  We have family there, I think that’s one of the prettiest states.

I’m sure that the 45,000 + members as well as myself would really love to hear about your classes, maybe pics in the Galleries of some of your's as well as your students' work would be fun.

Take a lookey-loo around; I hope that you’ll not over look the General (non-Pro) forums, Home cooks bring plenty to the table every night.

Mostly though, have a good time and once again, welcome.

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Hi and thanks for the welcome.  I teach in Columbia, MD.  We are an accredited college with a VERY intense 15 month program.  I teach in the evening.  I have also taught before in NY.  I will be sure to post pics of my students in action.  I start my class on the 18th.  This will be a class of full production for the schools restaurant, which they will serve and prepare menus I have assigned for the students.  After this class, they will be going right into externship, so I have to get them prepped for the "real world".


Looking forward to it!

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I look forward to it


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