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For any people living in the GTA I have found a place after a lot of research that seems to have everything from alligator to Kobe Beef... I have tried American style Kobe and the supermarket "Kobe" but never seen the real deal. It's called located in Mississauga Ont. At a price of $120 for two 12 oz steaks I hope it is the real Kobe from Japan. Has anyone ever purchased from them before or know anything about them? Thank you!
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Kobe Beef is a product unique to Japan.

Anything else would not be considered the real thing.

I'm not even sure it is available in the US.


Kobe style has taken hold here though....but the two are decidedly different .




The popularity of Kobe beef in the United States has led to the creation of "Kobe-style" beef, taken from domestically raised Wagyū crossbred with Angus cattle, to meet the demand. Farms in the U.S. and Britain have attempted to replicate the Kobe traditions, providing their Wagyū herds with beer. US meat producers claim any differences between their less expensive "Kobe-style" beef and true Kobe beef are largely cosmetic.The cattle are fed U.S. and/or British grass and grain, which is different from the more expensive Japanese feed. Cuts of U.S. "Kobe-style" beef tend to have darker meat and a bolder flavor.


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Since August 27, 2012 the USDA has allowed for import of real Japanese Kobe Beef. A few years ago they had banned the import of any and all Japanese beef. However it is still imported in a miniscule amount with a price tag that is sky high.


I'm not sure where GTA is but you can always call and ask before you buy. However in Japan they are about $180/Kg so I would l think it be a bit more here in the States. Restaurants are charging $350 for a 12oz steak.

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GTA = Greater Toronto Area. 



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I live in canada and it was the US that didn't allow the importation of meats from Japan. Although I have never seen real Kobe beef. I have talked to them and they said its their "Kobe Beef" meaning they got their steer from a bloodline of Japanese Wagyu raise them here and treat them the same with the sake massage and low stress conditions. I have seen the steaks and they look like some of the best steaks I have ever seen. I might have to try it soon
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... i've been to Japan many times - I've eaten Kobe in many different forms.


Unless you are a massive lover of fois-gras and toro (any especially fatty foods) you should not order a Kobe steak... it is best enjoyed a few slices at a time.


Sitting down to a full 10oz + steak is really quite off putting...


Eating the dekel (flap) off a rib eye steak is very nice but it is only an ounce or two of the whole steak, it is however the same type of fattiness that you will find an entire kobe steak to be.


Lastly don't order your kobe rare... it will really suck as the fat doesn't heat up enough to start melting and you might as well be chewing raw lardons.


 Great stuff if you get it well seared and cooked to medium-rare - in small portions... think sushi 



"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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I heard many people say that about Kobe. Not a big steak and potatoes person like to try different things so a small piece or two is perfect for me. Only downfall is I like my beef rare...
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I would rather eat alligator. 

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