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How to shape sugar

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I am trying to make a sugar bowl or cup. I know how to make plain caramelized sugar sheets using a silicone mat but how would I do something like this in the last picture of the creme brûlée?
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I'm not really seeing any sugar bowl in the blog post, only at the end is the deconstructed brulee. Is it the sugar ring that your refering to? Otherwise a bowl shouldnt be too difficult. You could pour some sugar onto a piece of parchment, then once that has cooled down a bit, but still pliable, put it in a bowl and press another bowl of the same size over it to form it into shape. Really, theres many ways of doing this, I've also seen sugar poured out onto a crinkly piece of foil, then when it had almost cooled down it was placed into a large bowl with rims. After the sugar had set, the foil was peeled off and it left a pretty cool pattern, the piece looked like glass since it had lots of texture. So theres just different things you can do depending of the size and use for your sugar bowl. Is this for a plated dessert?

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Yeah I was just wondering about the ring. I just thought it would drop once I rolled it into a circle. I'll have to try your method!
Thank you
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When you mold sugar around a metal ring, it wont fall or drop. You could easily make some pulled sugar and shape it around a metal ring, that will give you what your looking for. The sugar will cool rather quickly from the cool metal it gets wrapped around, you wont have to worry about it not being able to stand.

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The ring in the pic looked like it started out as a poured sugar rectangle, then wrapped around a cylinder while still hot and pliable and removed.  I'm guessing the seam of the ring is 'glued" onto the plate with some kind of a ganache or glaze. 

...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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The ring in that picture does not look like sugar at all! Am I missing something? This is surely a chocolate ring.


In answer to your question, a simple sugar bowl can be made by pouring your melted sugar over the back of a ladle in a criss cross pattern.

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No it's definitely cramalized sugar. The dish is a deconstructed creme brûlée, no chocolate in it.
Thanks for all the help everyone and ill let you know how it turned out when I try it.
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