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As eastshores said - that really depends on context. One of my favourite combinations of late is a good stilton together with a glass of Huxlrebe - a rich sweet white wine which is unfortunately rare as hell and basically unknown. I think there's only about 150 hectares total area in Europe on which it is grown these days. Since no one knows it, you still get it at reasonable prices, though, if you know where to look.


Another combination I love is Munster and potatoes - baked together in the oven. You need to be able to appreciate the stronger stuff, though - some would consider that a chemical weapon :D


As a third, and that needs no context, I'd gobble up the stuff with or without anything else - really old Gouda. Aged to the point where salt crystals form in it and it gets that salty crunchy texture. Food of the gods.

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This isn't really something I could answer without context. If I had to say what my favorite style of cheese to eat absolutely stand alone, I love the hell out of mozarella string cheese! haha, yes the moo-town snackers! Provolone is my go to sandwich cheese. I love sharp cheddar cheeses for certain sandwiches, usually a meat that can stand up to the richness and I also enjoy them with wine. Boars head makes a decent aged chedder that is Canadian, it's extremely sharp and dry. If I am to add cheese to beef, it has to be a good gorgonzolla. For a cheese fondue or mornay, I will usually stick with gouda or parm. Once in a while a good baby swiss is called for when I want a dry and less sharp cheese. That's about it for me!
Nicely done.
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