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Hi everyone,


Spent some time reading threads with much interest, thank you all! I'm a home chef and am looking to get a quality set of knives. I know it's not the best way to do it but I'm happy to have a knife block set or set of 3.


So I ask, what would be the mid - upper echelon possible for me?


Does everyone have any experience with Shun reserves? I was previously unaware they were a 'mass produced' knife so I might be a little sceptical now!


Also, thoughts on Kanetsugu Saian?


Am I way off course or are these 2 good potential choices?


Thanks everyone in advance, I look forward to your responses :)

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I assume you're in Australia - bear in mind we're in a different time zone to most users on this forum. Patience is a virtue!

As for your question, I have never used Shun knives or their reserve line, but from what I have read on this forum, their regular line tends to be 'chippy', which may well hold true for the reserve line as well.
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Yes in Australia, sorry forgot about the time zone, apologies! 'Chippy' hey, that's not positive!


Would you have alternative suggestions in a similar price range?


Is VG-10 less likely to chip than SG-2?

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The VG-10 is the 'chippy' steel used by Shun. SG-2 (AFAIK) doesn't have that problem. But, SG-2 is not the greatest steel ever... far from it. For the price you'll be paying for the Reserves... you could get a MUCH higher performing knife. Like Konosuke or Gesshin Ginga perhaps.

I know nothing about the Kanetsugu you mention, but I'm guessing you're shopping for a damascus knife. There's nothing wrong with wanting a pretty knife (I have one too), but the general consensus here is if you skip over the looks department, and put your money towards a slimmer, lighter blade, you'll have a higher performing knife. I'd have to agree with that too.


I recently obtained a Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef. While it may be rather plain looking. I'd bet a pretty penny it's a FAR superior performer to any "san-mai", damascus knife of similar size and price. 


There's lots of great, recent knife threads around here. Dig around. I'm sure other, more knowledgeable members will chime in here too. 

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Great thanks for that Vic, I'll do some investigating while I'm at work and all you guys are sleeping!


BTW yes i was looking at damascus knives, for no reason in particular though...!

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You need to figure some things out first; carbon or stainless, western or Wa handle, thinner or chunky and heavier, how will you be sharpening them (at least as important to know how to sharpen and to have the equipment as the knifes), price range, esthetics (damascus, flashy engraved kanji, cosmic handles or just minimalistic look) etc etc etc.

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Are you right or left handed?  If you are a leftie you are either into a 50/50 grind, or a more expensive grind for lefties.  Most of the J-knives I have are asymmetric - 70/30, 90/10, etc. right hand bias.  That is usually convex on the right and flat on the left.

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Hi Mike, I'm right handed. Still thinking of answers to Semineutral's questions...


Carbon / stainless not sure. I'm happy to be cleaning a carbon knife regularly through and post cooking to maintain it, but is that all that's required?

Western handle

Medium weight

Sharpening knowledge is minimal, i'm happy to do whatever's required, apart from sending them out to be sharpened...

Price range, well I was looking at the shun reserve set which I can only find for $1099, that'd be the most i'm willing to outlay

I do like the damascus look

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