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Spent the past year looking for a permanent position and finally got one. Great job I think I'll be happy with. 

Thought I'd pass some of my experience along for anyone looking for work who may be getting discouraged.

Filled out lots of applications in person. Talked to everyone I could in person. Sent resumes via corporate online websites. I matched the wording of the resume to match the advertised position. I did get a couple of replies although not right away so it does take time. One web site stated that it would take 3-5 days before any one actually read the resume and 4-6 weeks before anyone contacted me. I was happy to have a time line put on the process. I did not get contacted by everyone I applied with on line but enough to know that the online process is not a complete void. 

I found several part time temp jobs to keep me busy and make a little money by talking to owners who know me. That helped a lot. 

     The job I did get was through a local chef I contacted through LinkedIn and met at a local ACF meeting. The chef passed my resume on to the hiring manager. The position I interviewed for and was offered was the same one the company was advertising for on the internet but the computer had rejected my online resume submittal. In this case getting past the computer was vital. 

   Then there was the multi unit company I interviewed with three times. Despite repeated contact, they continually lost my information,  couldn't remember my name, twice wondered which position I was interviewing for at the beginning of an interview they set up, third interview corporate level interviewers were 45 minutes late, Corporate chef did not know who Thomas Keller was, initial HR contact lost resume, second interviewer claimed not to need my resume then third asked for it. Reception desk at interview location told me and others "Oh, your interview was yesterday" before being corrected by second employee. This happened every time.  If I had gotten a job I'm not sure they would have remembered why i had been hired. 

I heard nothing from many people and companies for weeks/months,even people I know personally,  then everyone began calling me in the same couple of weeks. 

So if you are looking for a job, don't lose hope, don't take anything personally and just keep at it.