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Hi folks,

My DCS oven that I loved dearly died caused by repair men. They came in to fix the self cleaning but killed my both oven instead! Anyway, now I am in need of a new oven.


I Need a dual fuel 48" range. I narrowed down to a few brands: Thermador steamer range, wolf, DCS or five star. Which ever is going to be, I need to have the timed cooking option and Shabbas Mode.


My top pick is Thermador right now. It is $15,000. I am a little scared to spend that much on something with so many new features---would they break easily? I really like what it has to offer though. Both ovens are convection oven. The small one is a steam oven as well and there is a warming drawer under. AND, the ovens are 2" deeper than wolf---surprising, isnt it? So I can put three big and three small coking pan in the big oven in one shot! And I can steam four different side dishes at the same time in the small oven. The Burners are also high BTU. One of them offers 22,000 BTU. and it comes with a top quality dishwasher...... Dont know much about the quality. Can't find much reviews online. The consumer report seems like they are trying to avoid comments on the high end appliances....


My next choice will be wolf 48". The ovens are very small. The burners are only offering 15,000 BTU on all. $13,000. Only reason I am considering it is wolf is known for it Tank-like quality....


Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!