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Newbie here. And a question about jobs in North Dakota.

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I'm sure some of you have heard about the big oil boom in ND. I was wondering if anyone here has worked for Target logistics or PTI group as a chef or line cook out there. Maybe you know someone who has. I would like to know about that experience, and if its worth the move. Thanks!
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The pay in North Dakota is high. Just be aware you work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for 12 hours a day. If you are single, have no attachments, and want to make a boatload of money. DO IT. If you have a family, car payments, mortgage, eh not so much.

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Thanks. Well, unfortunately I am among those with a mortgage and car payments. I ended up sending out my résumé to a company out there. If the pay is what I've read, 1500/week I'd probably head out there. I'm just still very skeptical of that amount. I guess I'll wait and see.
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It is what they say it is. A lot of work and a ridiculous amount of money.

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That is the rate of pay .....they have a very hard time finding good,reliable people and need to pay that much or nobody would do it.You work the entire time you're there but depending on what the rotation is have two weeks off a month which allows you to spend about ten straight days at home.You can really set yourself up financially after a few years as long you are careful with your money on your time off........lots of guys go off the rails when they're off and return to work penniless.
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Thank you so much for the info guys! Good to know!! I'm sure the turn over rate is crazy out there. The rotation is six weeks on and two off. For a guy like me that is close to his kids, that would be the hard part. But I'm looking at the long term. I could really use the money, like yesterday! Average pay for an experienced line cook is 8-10/hour here. Chefs make a few dollars more. At this point I'm looking at going back to school for something completely different, or head out to ND. Again, thanks!
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I've been toying with the Alberta oil patch idea in much the same way. Know many who try, some that excel

It's 3 on, 1 off for most work here. Usually responsible for 3 meals a day, and it makes for long days. Hourly wage patch jobs make great cash, some salaried worked out to slave labour. Make sure it's worth the 15+ hour day.

Even in "dry" camps, drug addiction can be high, so that's something to be aware of. Some stories I have heard have been about the amount of depressed, broken people end up there, and how it wears you down.

Strong people succeed in that work. I'm a strong person, but not seeing my daughter for 3 weeks at a time keeps me from going there.
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Well since I have a wife and 2 kids you should go first and let me know how it is. LoL.

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I just applied for a chef position out there, so the pay is LEGIT.  I'm a single mom and where the six weeks would be crazy hard. it would be worth it in the long run.  Vegas is a great place to learn, but can be lousy for pay.  Roughly how much is it?  the add said 84 hours a week, with 44 OT.  Just need to know if it is truly good money.

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