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Greetings from Coronado CA!

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Hello Everyone,

   I have bin reading all the advice that you have so generously given to other beginners and I want to say thank you for taking the time to respond. Your answers to their questions have really helped me on my own journey. I can tell there's a real sense of comradery here and I'm very happy to have found this forum.

   I have worked the front of the house for fourteen years now but this year I decided that I'm going to do what I wanted to do from day one: Cook. Somehow I got stuck being a server and postponed my real passion, but here I go...It's pretty darn scary I must admit. I feel like I'm about to walk through the fire and I must prove myself to others, earn my place in the kitchen. As a server you sometimes see the kitchen staff as your nemesis. Even though I had a good relationship with most cooks, it was inevitable that some days all hell would break loose. I did and said things to them that I don't feel too proud of. I'm sure Karma will let me know what my dues are in time...s**t! In a few days I will start my new job, I don't know what else to do to avoid being nervous. I keep practicing my knife skills, trying to remember temperatures...all that stuff I learned in culinary school. The good thing is that I'm more excited than nervous. I just hope I end up in a kitchen where the team has a little bit of patience in the beginning. I aspire to someday be just as good as the best among you and I'm very  happy to be part of this family. Good luck to everyone in your own endeavors and thanks again for the support!peace.gif

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Aloha Edgar, Welcome to Chef Talk.

A lurker?  Well, former anyway. 

I gotta’ tell you, I too have learned so much here at CT, I just love it! 

You know already how it works around here then, right?  Should you have questions in regards to the site itself, just post them in the Feedback & Suggestion Forum.

I hope to some of your work in the Galleries soon, and the best of luck Edgar!

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ALOHA to you too! Thanks for the welcome.

I'm glad you have been learning new things as well. This is a great forum, a great tool and a perfect place to vent our experiences and ask questions.

I'm just starting to learn how it works. I've been a little busy with the new job that I hadn't had chance to come visit.

A gallery??? How cool is that. I'll post a pic or 2 of some stuff I've made. Thanks again, and good luck to you toosmile.gif

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