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I am new, I am foodie, I am, I

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Hello to any that read this, I am in Metro Phoenix area having just moved from Austin area.  I am in food manufacturing, on a small scale.  This is my fourth food business that I am currently starting at this time and was just looking for info on Vitamin C and bread baking and this came up, so thought I would enter into the fold.

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Aloha, or HOWDY!

What part of the greater PHX area are you in?

We live in the far southern portion of AZ, the place where grass doesn’t like to grow.

I’m sure that many of us would love to hear about the type food manufacturing you do.

Please take a moment to review that Community Guidelines, FAQ and Tutorials.  If you have a question in regards to the site itself, post it in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

I hope that you will participate in the Non-Pro forums too; folks not employed in the biz are asked to read only there.

See you around the boards, once again, welcome.

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Thanks for the welcome.  I am a second generation native Arizonan and have been almost everywhere in the state.  I moved to Austin 7 years ago and loved it, however my health did not, so I returned.  My first business was making salsa, hot sauce, bbq sauces, dip mixes and over a 120 products in all.  Sold that biz to go to Austin where I started to make gourmet pastas, all whole wheat and vegetable ones.  It took off and I would still be there except the flour dust in the air was killing my lungs, so sold it as well.  Then for a while I started another business making flavored stuffed olives, dip mixes and flavored goat cheeses.  Did that only for 9 months, sold it and returned to AZ.  Now starting to make dip mixes again and will sell them at Farmers Markets and maybe some indoor festival type venues.  All my businesses were small, the pasta was the biggest with just 7 employees.  It is a fun lifestyle, making products, then going to markets and festivals to sell it all.  For the last 5 months I have just been trying to get my health back and been writing a healthy food blog.  Not anything like this, mine is geared more to blasting the FDA for destroying American food system.  Search google, chefroy live well and i show up about number one.  Will spend more time here in the future, seems nice, lot going on. 

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