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employee meeting

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getting ready to have a employee meeting with my staff.   i am looking for new ideas on how to keep things upbeat and motovating.   how do yall address food cost issues?   what plans have you had sucess implimenting lately?   anything you might feel is cutting edge and benificial to your teams?

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The meeting is an opportunity to have information flow both ways. Your staff should be able to inform you of problems they have delivering food and service. Supply shortages, poor location of supplies or equipment, broken equipment, lack of training, poor routines or standards that don't work but management has been unwilling to acknowledge, etc. Whatever bugs them daily that no one else seems to notice but that you should be aware of. And they deserve to know why a specific known problem is not being corrected. 

On the cost front, sharing how much things cost in a general informative way is vital. They won't be so rough with the equipment or wasteful with food when they know how much it costs to replace, repair or maintain and you connect that to lack of available money for raises. Employees rarely have an opportunity to see the cost of things. Provide that education so they better understand your concerns. 

The bottom line is developing an atmosphere of open, respectful communication where your concerns are known and understood by the staff so they can help you address them and the staff knows they can deliver news, good or bad, that will be heard and acted upon with out recrimination.t 

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