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Ambitious?Where too.......

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I am currently 20 years old working as a line supervisor in a nice corporate ran kitchen. I am at a crossroad in my life and am trying to decide what I want to spend the next 30 to 40 years of my life doing. Right now, I love the rush of being a line cook and like the fact that their is never a dull moment in this industry(I like the industry and the uniqueness of it). Many people think of the restaurant industry as slummy and low end society work...I love trying to bring a professional element to the hospitality industry(I think at times it is to sloppy and thought isn't given into the numbers and or food). I treat stress like it doesn't exist and start to chuckle when others fly off the handle when they can't handle theirs.


With that said I am enrolled in a 4 year university(hospitality management)...What to do after college???? After graduation I will have 5 years of strong kitchen experience in a high volume restaurant with a degree in hospitality management.... What doors could be opened with this combo? I don't think degrees are end all be all(but hey, my college was completely free) and I don't want to sit behind a desk the rest of my life...I'm not some deer in the head lights culinary student....In this industry you have to have grit and balls....(something I have established in this industry already). I would love to have a traveling position at a restaurant where I can oversee the operations.


You don't need a degree to be a restaurant manager, that's for certain..But do you guys think a degree will help propel me into higher end positions in the industry, by say my mid to late twenties?

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Uh, yeah. A degree will help, especially in combo with your work experience. If you want to travel a lot, you might consider staying with the chains. They always need managers/trainers to travel to new store and set them up and train the new staff. 


I don't know what you mean by "higher end," but if you want to work in fine dining your best bet might be to get a work study position in the best restaurant you can find. Getting one job in a high end place will open up doors in other high end places. If you want to stay in the kitchen then I don't know if a hospitality management degree would help you get a line cook job, but it might help when you make the move to management (sous/exec chef).

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