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Russian members here?

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Hi, do we have any Russian members here? I need to get in touch with Russian foodies as I'm interested in Russian cuisine.


(I didn't know where else to post this)

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There was a thread a while back that offered to teach Russian cuisine. Search feature is your friend!

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Thanks for your answer. Well, I forgot about that thread completely, but I remember now reading it some months ago. However, the reason I'm looking for Russian members is that I want cookbook recommendations, that is cookbooks in Russian about regional cuisines of Russia (like the cuisine of e.g. Sverdlovskaya Oblast etc.), as I doubt there is anything about the cuisines of Russian regions in English, and I'm basing this assumption on the fact that there aren't really many good English-language cookbooks on Russian cuisine in general (a few, but not many). I already have Pokhlyobkin's The National Cuisines of Our Nations, which looks fabulous and the legendary 1911 (or so) edition of Molokhovets. Now as I don't speak Russian and only use the fact that my native language is Slovak (and partly Czech) to my advantage, I'm having some difficulties with Molokhovets as the language is rather dated and, more importantly, the orthography. Also, Molokhovets is, like all 19th century cookbooks from central/eastern Europe that I have, strongly influenced by French and other European cuisines, so there are many consommés, pot-au-feu, boeuf a la mode, Italian pasta and suchlike. Not really what I'm looking for, though certainly very interesting and comprehensive too (4000+ recipes!). Pokhlyobkin is better in that way, but doesn't and cannot dedicate much space to Russian regions as his topic is the cuisines of all the nations of USSR. So you get nice descriptions and recipes for some variations of shchi, rassolnik, solyanka and other basic dishes, but I want more, especially I want to appreciate the diversity of regional cuisines. And as I don't think many members here speak Russian, even though they might be interested in, studying or even teaching some Russian cuisine, that's why I'm looking for Russian members. But thanks for reminding me that other thread, I'll post there, too.

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