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Sick and tired of winter fare...

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My restaurant has a philosophy of using only local and seasonal "farm to table" products. That's great: low food miles, produce at its peak etc., but I'm really growing sick and tired of leeks, celeriac, savoy cabbage, green kale, lamb's lettuce, "old" potatoes, apples and pears, swedes, turnips and so on. Spring hasn't made an appearance yet, so there's bugger-all else to cook with. My ever-changing menu is getting meatier and meatier since I've lost all interest in all that hard, knobbly winter veg, and unfortunately here on the European continent we don't grow stuff like purple sprouting broccoli or forced rhubarb like they do in the UK. This year's first white asparagus is probably still four weeks away, due to the awful weather conditions.


What do you guys and gals do in this transitional period???




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frozen or preserved....several farmers are using hoop houses to extend the seasons....Spicy greens, bok choi, leeks, kale, spinach are all coming in.



This is a current list from one local distributor.....



Free Range Missouri Turkey Livers!
Free Range Missouri Geese & Chickens!
Pastured ground Missouri Veal - Grass Fed Ground Beef & Beef Chuck
First time in St. Louis - Outstanding farmstead Vinegars!
Homegrown Green Tomatoes
Frozen Homegrown Blueberries
Missouri Black Walnuts & Pecans
Pea Shoots & Radish Shoots
Homegrown Chipotle Peppers - Fresh Horseradish Root
Homegrown Yogurt - Cage free, really free range Eggs
Organic Missouri Tempeh - Course Ground Mustard - Pickled Peppers
Herb Vinegar - Prepared Illinois Horseradish - Organic Popcorn
Maple, Sorghum, Blackberry & Apple Syrups
Honey & Honeycomb - Amish Fruit Jams
White, Brown, Jasmine & Basmati Missouri grown Rice
Stone Ground Yellow Grits & Corn Meal
Missouri Bread Flour, Pastry Flour & Wheat Berry
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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in austria the bärlauch is comming out and i am picking it today and could order it in from the bauer.  in fact i will have a tageskarte of all bärlauch this week.  and yes spargel is close.  then the schwammerl is close behind.  yea winter sucks but the produce is salzburg is ok during the winter.  mostly comming from italy and spain but it is ok.  in one month the glass houses will be producing good austrian vegetables and winter can foff.  good luck and hang in there

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kostendorf, bärlauch (wild garlic for our English speaking chefs) grows in abundance in this region, but the weather hasn't helped. The ground is still partly covered in snow, so it will be late this year :-(((


We get two seasons for steinpilze (porcini, ceps), but both are in summer, i.e. a short one in July, then the main season in September/October. I really can't wait for that!!!

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i just got back from picking bärlauch today.  about 3-10 cm in size.  we have some snow in the shaded places and the bärlauch was poking up from the snow.  hang in there Recky summer will come i cant wait till the steinpiltz season as well.  last year was a great season for eierschwarmmel and steinpiltz.  i still have both in the freezer to use up before this season.  and about 2 kg of dried steinpiltz. 

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I can feel your pain. it sounds like we work in similar restaurant concepts and the snow is hitting here again. i think barlauch like you said is the same im thinking of which is rams lok here  i cant wait though for the changing season 

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