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Mexican Dish Idea's

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I need to make a dish for Sunday dinner with a Mexican theme, Problem is everyone who will be there is used to "Americanized" ethnic foods, their idea of going out for Mexican is Taco bell... Ok.. maybe not that bad ...but the one time I brought tamale's, no one know how to eat them.. and were stumped on why they couldn't chew through the corn husk...


I was thinking of making some Adobo Mole with chicken.. or pork carnitas.


Any other suggestions?

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How about spicy pork empanadas? They'll know how to grab a handpie and gnam on it plus they're way tasty.

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If they don't know what is going on with Mexican food, I would play it safe. Chicken Enchiladas is something everyone would like....................take care and good luck................ChefBillyB

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Try stuffed poblanos. You can stuff them with ground beef  and jack cheese or use chorizo. Serve with Spanish rice and refried black beans. 

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How about Sopes?  They can be filled with a variety of items, from the mundane to the exotic.  A few ideas would be chorizo and potatoes, chicken in mole, carnitas, mashed plantains with crema, Americanized ground beef (taco meat), carne asada.  The list is endless.

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Why didn't you just explain to them how to eat it? Really, I don't understand what the problem is. If there is some part of the dish that is not eaten, simply say that. Problem solved. You don't need to ''play it safe'', simply educate them if necessary. Simply prepare any Mexican food that you find interesting and they either like it or not. What's the point of trying to cook ''authentic'' Mexican food if you have to dumb it down to their tastes. In that case, you can just all order Taco Bell, I don't see a difference there.

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^ What he said. ^ I won't dumb down my food. Neither should you. 


I'm curious what area/demographic you're in that people don't know mexican food???

It seems that "real" Mexican food is pretty "in" right now.  

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Did they like the tamales after you explained how to eat them?


I'd go to any party, anywhere that offered fresh homemade tamales! Yum!

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