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Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

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Hello dear fellow Chefs!


My name is Nikola and i am 24 years old.

I have graduated college of Culinary arts in Belgrade and since i was 17 i started working as a Commis de Cuisine in a A-la carde restaurant in Belgrade

Currently i am working on a Boutique River cruise ship where i am Chef de Parte.Ship sails trough Germany,Austria and Hungary.

My previous experience was : Fine dining restaurant " Villa Jelena",Restaurant of national cuisine " Bolero ",Hotel IN where i was Jr. Sous Chef,Hotel Hyatt regency Belgrade where i was Chef de partie.

In 2012 i have opened a Disney Fantasy cruise ship where i was Chef de partie along with 2 commis of mine.I was working there from January to December.

I am looking forward to join this forum to meet new chefs,and find high class culinary education.


Greetings to all of you,



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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk.

What a journey it is that you’ve been on, and you're only 24 years old?  WOW.  I hope that you will share some of your knowledge in the Culinary Student forums, I’d be willing to beat that you have a lot to offer those kids.

Take a look around, which I’m sure that you already have, if you have questions in regards to the site itself, simply post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

We’re all here to share in all things food, even us Home cooks, we bring plenty to the table ever night.

Check out on Face Book too!

Once again, welcome!

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roast pig shop in Krusevac

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kaneohegirlinaz - thanks! i will be 25 this year altough.i promised myself,that i will have to come to US to work.I greatly appreciate cuisine of US,even that 1% of people here and there doesnt know a thing about it.but i am willing to learn from true masters of it.

Roast pig  and lamb are common in Serbia.Serbian cuisine pretends alot on overcooking the meat,in which i dont get along with.Our traditions,culture and poverty lead us to the thing that everything is used when slaughtering a cattle,and my greatest fascination is that from offal,head,legs,tail such a nice meals are made,delicious in taste,on which i am used to it from childhood days when my mother was cooking.

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A restaurant on the river Danube Beograd. The bread is some of the best I have had in Europe

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Great Kippers!what did you have as starter and entree? hope you enjoyed belgrade !

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no they give you to much,im sure you recognise this plate.We always have a good time with family.

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I know this plate for sure xoxox and i miss it
Zivela yugoslavija
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generous portions are number 2 fact of serbian cuisine .

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Djoko this should make you more homesick

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please dont post again that type of videos ;( lol

i miss that "pleskavica" and all that food in the pictures...

but very soon i am going back so i will have all that ;) hahahah


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