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My name is Afan. I'm 50. And I started to bugging myself with cooking about 2 years ago when I got obsessed with cast-iron pans. My first kitchen "equipment" was a Lodge 10" pan. While learning more about seasoning and maintaining cast-iron pans, I heard about Wagner and Griswold. Then bought 12" Griswold in local 2nd hand shop for $40. Never touched Lodge again. Later, I bought cast-iron grill pan and duch oven for about $20 on local market while driving down the Route 66. Unknown brand - works like a charm. One of the best pulled beef ever. smile.gif
Then I started visiting more often Goodwill stores: 8" and 10" Calphalon pans for $10. Used, but in very good condition. Than comes Calphalon sauce pans, one more dutch oven... And tons of small kitchen stuff.
As many suggested and read so many times great things about All-Clad, I took the chance and bought 3 weeks ago two pans in T.J. Max (I'm not employee of TJM nor in any other "relatioship" with it) for great price. All-Clad mc2 10" Fry Pan and All-Clad mc2 13"/3qt saute pan. My first All-Clads. Yes, both are irregular, but fry pan for $50 or saute pan for $79? I think it was good purchase. Even though these were not my first stainless cookware, before I put the pan on my glass-top oven, I "educated" myself a little bit. No high heat, etc. But, looks like I failed in education: after I finished my first omelet I had more egg sticking to the pan than on the plate. smile.gif
Cleaning wasn't so hard and after "Barkeeper's friend" - almost like new. 
But it goes better and better...

With "evolving" in the kitchen cookware, I was picking up recipes from different cuisines,  different cooks, watching YouTube masterpieces from celebrity chefs... Even got the "Top Chef University" classes as a birthday gift. smile.gif

The best success for me was last Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people and tons of food - all by myself. Stressful, but I pulled it off. And all my guests complimented my food. Not bad for 2-year experienced self-educated amateur cook, eh?

Though, my goal is not to be Chef, nor to have a restaurant or similar. Just to cook well for my family and friends.

Thanks for reading,