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Bester 1200 for Edge Pro

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I'm trying to find Bester 1200 for EP, and cannot find any. Chefknivestogo had it few months ago, but not anymore.

Any idea of what happened and where I can get it now?

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There aren't many "companies" which cut down regular sized stones for the EP and make them commercially available.  "Companies" in quotes, because the word is something of a misnomer.  They're really just a few guys -- one of whom, at least, is exceptionally flaky. 


I believe CKtG handles all of the [ahem] companies, some of them exclusively.  Which means that if CKtG doesn't have it, it's quite likely no one else does either.  However, the lack of of an EP sized Bester 1200 might not be that much of a loss.  As someone who uses a full-sized Bester 1200 regularly and occasionally uses an EP Apex, there's nothing about the Bester 1200 which would make it especially good as an EP stone. 


In fact, I think that you really want something that's pretty much splash and go with an EP, and that the Bester's long soak requirement would make it something of a PITA.  No doubt any of the other decent water stones which CKtG does have in stock would be at least as good as a Bester.  


You probably won't get much help from Ben (the guy who owns Edge Pro), he's all about his own stones.  You might want to try talking to Mark at CKtG, though.  If anyone knows, Mark knows. 


Good luck,


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Thanks a lot BDL, you're very helpful as usual.


It's not like I "must" get Bester 1200, I just wanted to buy it because of its good reviews and reasonable price.

I'll talk to Mike and hope he will offer me some alternatives.


Thanks you very much!

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I've got Chosera stones for my EP, and am quite pleased.



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May we hear about your first impressions with the Choseras?
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I like the Chosera stones for the EP and happily recommend them.  They're consistent, fast, have good reach, are darn near splash and go, and are easy to maintain.  


The full size bench stones have all the same wonderful attributes and in equal measure but aren't my top choices.   Nothing against Chosera, but there are more options with full size stones.  For instance, one can put up with a little less convenience and save a lot of money; or spend the same money for Gesshin and get better stones.

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Thanks BDL. Where full sized Choseras are concerned, I'm aware the market in the US is very different from the one in Europe. We pay a Chosera 2k €60, in the US you pay $110.
If I had to import another stone to Europe I were to pay shipping ($40) and custom duties (21%).
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