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Gungas Golden Goodness

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I decided to empty out the freezer, much of the space being taken up by saved stuff to make stock with. I ended up with about 10 pounds of various frozen chicken and turkey bones, necks, wing tips, and stuff that was saved over the past few months. That all went in a huge pot with about 3 gallons of spring water, along with various veggie scraps, and simmered for a few hours.

After getting all the spent bones out of it and in the trash , and then straining the broth thru a sieve, I was left with about 10 quarts of this:




That was parked in the fridge overnight so that the fat would separate, and in the  morning, it looked like this:



Spooned off all the fat on top, and ended up with nearly a quart of schmaltz:





And this is what was left, which is on the stove simmering to reduce it to about 7-8 quarts




Later, that will be allowed to cool, then strained again thru a finer sieve, and stored in quart and pint containers in the freezer.........should be good for great chicken stock for the next few months...

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My left artery just clogged and I think I died.  I think.

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That is.............interesting? Looks like nothing goes to waste and you know how to maximize your ingredients.

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I'm curious what the freezer looked like before emptying. Do you save the fat for anything or just throw it away?

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looks like this most of the time

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You should be ashamed of yourself, wait, that looks like my freezer.................I just went out a few weeks ago and got Freezer number three, not including the freezer in my fridge. I had my Black Angus Steer processed, 26 day dry age hanging. We also processed two pigs and my wife shops at Costco. We have enough food to feed a small nation..........ChefBillyB

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Originally Posted by ChefBillyB View Post

We also processed two pigs and my wife 

Reminds me of that restaurant not far from here which proudly displays on their menu: 


- Lamb Curry

- Chicken Curry

- Fish Curry

- Child Curry



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