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I'm just starting out in the business and I've been asked to come into a restaurant to see "if I'm a good fit for a stage."  My question is this... obviously I should not be going in there during peak service hours to talk to the head chef, so what's the appropriate protocol here?  Do I go in right as the doors open at 5pm for dinner?  Do I call/schedule a time ahead (although his email said to just "drop by")?  Do I awkwardly search for a back kitchen door and weasel in while they're prepping??  Please help!

Thanks everyone :)



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If he said to just drop by you should go in between 10:00 - 11:00 or 2:30 -4:00.If they aren't open for lunch then anytime before 4:00 should be fine.If you've met him then the back door will be alright but you should go into the front and introduce yourself and ask if he has time to see you and if not when would be a better time.
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I'm confused....the chef wants you to come in for a stage? Or he/she wants to meet you then determine if you can stage later?


Anyways, assuming that you are doing a stage, I would show up a couple hours before dinner service starts. Like, around 3 if they open at 5 or 5:30. This will give you some time to see the prep, help with the prep, and talk to the staff. 


Going through the front would be better for the 1st time. 

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Rule of thumb for visiting a chef or other food service person is go in between 2 and 4.  This is after any lunch rush and before any dinner rush.  Different people have different schedules obviously, but that at least shows you have sense enough not to come in during a busy period like say at 12:30 or 6pm.  Go in during what should be an obviously busy period and you'll get thrown out.

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Well, what I did last week was walk in this Italian restaurant in the nearby stripmall ,looking for the chef(whom ive met before) to ask to stage there.

Well, i walk past alot of employees back and forth no one said anything to me wich made it so awkward.
I ended up leaving and just emailing him, asked me to show up in a uniform and come before dinner service.Well, I went in he wasnt even there and no one was aware Id be "helping" that day.
Awkward again,but I just stuck with the cook that looked the busiest and offered to help he was confused but happy to have someone watch ,learn,and help him prep for dinner.

Well, i go in an hour 3 times a week ,plan on calling other local restaurants for the summer,im sure free help is the last thing they expect smile.gif
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