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Sponge toffee

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Hey all. I have been trying to make sponge toffee with the texture of a Crunchie bar for a long time now and have finally partially succeeded. I got really excited when I broke off a piece and saw a very dense tiny bubble structure just like in the bar, but as I broke apart the batch I noticed the bubbles got bigger as I moved toward the centre. Though airy sponge toffee is great, what I am looking for is that dense crunch. The fact it was like that at the edge leads me to believe that the cooling time is what effects the bubble size toward the centre. I was thinking of ice bathing it in the refrigerator to speed the cooling time and using multiple smaller vessels to cool the toffee in. Any thoughts on whether this would be effective or I it would just cause the toffee to go soft? Thanks so much!
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Without knowing your method it's hard to help. They way that I make it is to cook sugar and corn syrup to the hard crack stage then add vanilla with baking soda, stir slightly then pour onto a silpat lined half sheet.


I wouldn't use an ice bath, it could crack your candy or a refrigerator because of the moisture.

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Combine 1c dark corn syrup, 1c sugar, 1 tbsp vinegar stir to combine, bring to a boil, cook to 300F, stir in 1tbsp baking soda off heat and dump into greased foil lined baking tray, allow to cool until hardened.
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