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Simple Pilau Rice that works well with many Indian Dishes. I use this rice with my Chicken Korma to my Balti.

With only a few ingredients this rice I full of flavour and has a very nice colour to it as well.


Long Grain Rice


Bay Leaf

Cinnamon Stick



The original recipe for this was much the same however it had cashewnuts, sultanas and onion in it however I took all that out and made it more simple, and let these few flavours stand out more.


Long grain rice in a pan with water. Add a shake of salt. Add in turmeric with will give the rice is yellow colour. 1 bay leaf in (I like to use it for a garnish, makes the rice look nicer) and a cinnamon stick. Bring to boil and cook until the rice is soft. Drain remove the cinnamon stick and the bay leaf and serve. I use a presentation ring to present mine which gives it a much more professional look.


Any comments appreciated.