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Tojiro DP F-798 (7.1" petty)

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After buying a Fujiwara FKM Gyuto 180mm I wanted to get a smaller knife intended as a slicer (like meat or potatoes etc).

The 150mm petty seemed short so after some search I saw this 180mm (7.1") petty knife from Tojiro and I though it would suite what I wanted and would also give me a change to try this brand too.


The knife dimensions are


• Blade---Double-beveled Cobalt alloy clad 13 chrome stainless steel
• Handle---Eco wood
• Blade Length---180mm(7.1")
• Total Length---290mm(11.4")
• Weight---95gr(3.4oz)

• Spine Thickness at heel 1.8mm

Blade height at heel 32mm


I think this is a new model so for anyone interested these photos may be useful (all dimensions in cm)










I'm quite happy with the knife although I think that a slightly bigger handle would be better but it is not a problem either since my hands are small.

Initial sharpness out of the box wasn't as good as the Fujiwara, the knife could cut arm hair and slice paper but it wasn't as smooth and the area near the tip and near the heel were not sharpened very well.

The edge seems to be a 50/50

Also when pulling a finger vertically on the blade the edge wasn't grabbing like the Fujiwara FKM.


With a 15x magnifier I saw a few areas of the blade that didn't seem to be sharpened very good



I was able to restore the edge easily with a king 1000/6000 improving the sharpness and evening it all across the edge (tip to heal).



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Like most Tojiro knives it could benefit from some thinning behind the cutting edge and a 2mm wide cutting edge.  Your King 1k/6k should put the 2mm edge on it fine, but thinning might require a coarser stone like Bester 500 or Geshin 400.

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The edge is currently about 1mm (I think less) with a 15 degree angle, in order to make it a 2mm wide wouldn't the angle need to change to a much lower degree (or make it asymmetric and have one side wide)?



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