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Dia duit

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Dia duit or Hello!


I'm Susa, I started culinary school last year (around August) and I love to cook (though I need to try and control what I put in the food, I like experimenting.) I also love talking, so if you think I've said too much please tell, I do tend to run off sometimes...

I'm also very, very OCD about some of the weirdest things (like where the salt happens to be (when I'm @ home), I lose it all the time because I it's not where I put it)

My family is very large,


And to all those Great Chefs out their -

Fan le haghaidh dom!

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Fáilte! That is, welcome, SusaChef. As long as you're fun and a positive addition to the community, we're always happy to have you no matter how chatty! talker.gif lol.gif


It's always interesting to learn what path brought people into cooking. I'll take a chance and bet it was the division of labor in a large family that sent you to the kitchen, as it often does, everyone taking his/her turn at the stove now and then. Did you get the leeway to choose how to prepare the provender in exchange for the duty? Many of us (myself included) got our first cooking lessons beside a relative in a home kitchen. If we were fortunate, we got wonderful memories and good skills in the bargain.


We hope you'll take some time to explore the site, going beyond the forums to view the photo galleries, read the cooking articles and product reviews, and get into all the nooks and crannies here. We've been online for well over a decade, so using the search tool will yield you riches in old conversations and wisdom of our members who've moved along. Just be aware of the dates on the threads before you decide to respond, as some of them may have ended long ago.


Enjoy the site, and good luck in your career path. Welcome!


Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Fáilte from a fellow Utahn. Are you in SLC? 


Curious, is your family large because you're Mormon... or are you Irish Catholic?

I ask that because those are both religions big on large families. LOL! 

I was raised Catholic BTW.


I'd love to learn more about modern Irish food if you have any tips.

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I was put into the kitchen (via force of nature (hungry kids)) but was limited in that none of my parents were around to teach me what was what - i figured some things out, but i still kept to the box most of the time. In the past 1 1/2 - 2 years i've reached out a bit.


Thanks for the advice on checking the dates Mezz - I'll have to be more careful!

Mo Bhuíochas.

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I've got 10 older siblings and idk how many younger. crazy.gif


Vic - near Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain (Utah County - i think...) rollsmile.gif - as to the large family; Mormon, AUB (if that means anything to you) smiles.gif - As for the Irish, well i do have Irish ancestry but it's a long way off, I just like the language (hope to learn it someday, til then it's just text translators) biggrin.gif


Aon oth?

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AUB? Interesting... I was a tad off in my assumption. Learn something new every day!    

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if we ever meet Vic, i'll tell you what AUB means -


i finally counted my younger siblings - 16 rolleyes.gif - so that's 26 sibs in all...

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