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My first recommendation would be a question. do you like the crunchy top of the loaf better or the juicy center? If the former, then you might make yours the way I make mine. form it into a loaf shape then remove it from the loaf pan. I then place it on a cooling rack that is set into a jelly roll or small baking dish and bake it that way rather than in the loaf pan. I also use the ketchup as a glaze all over the loaf rather than just a drizzle on top. this way, you create this lovely crusty 'bark' like the bark you can make on the best rubbed BBQ. it is truly delish!  the cooling rack over the baking dish will catch all of your drippings which can then be either fed to the pups or made into a scrumptious gravy for use on the potatoes, carrying the flavor of your meat into the accompanying veggies.

I love the crusty bark also, so I mix all the ingredients in a bowl ( I use oatmeal, super quick and easy, diced onion, Worcestershire, eggs, a little bit of cumin and shredded cheddar cheese + whatever else I feel like adding) drop that bad boy onto a greased cookie sheet, shape it like a football and bake.  The outside has the nice bark texture while the inside is still moist.

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Yup. but, I like to raise mine up on a cooling rack to drain away some of the grease. I LOVE the bark on my meatloaf. Hmmm, too late tonight, but, I think I'll make Meatloaf tomorrow night. now you have me thinking of it.

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Grandma's Meatloaf

By:   Chow Ciao | Shine Food

Recipe by Fabio Viviani


Really cool vid included @ the site. 

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