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Yesterday I was in Walmart and I saw Tramontina 12 inch fry pan for $29.97. After good experience with 10 inch pan I decided to buy it.  It looks like this but my pan is 18/8 stainless steel (if it does make any change). 
Contrary to the 10 inch one that is made in China, this one is made in Brasil.
And today I tested it. Beef steak, portobello mushrooms, asparagus... Behaved very well. I'm happy cook. 
Though, there is couple things I'm not crazy about. Handlebar is a little bit "lower" in shape (see pictures). I need few moments to get used to it...
Also, the side is a little bit bigger then usual. Even it's 12 inch pan, the "flat, working" area (what's the name for it?) is a just a little bit bigger than 10 inch pan. About 8 1/4 at 12 inch pan and about 7 1/2 inch at 10 inch pan. Looks like I didn't get a lot?