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springs here

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All the snow is finally off the garden, so I took a quick walk around today to evaluate things. Surprisingly, the soil is dry enough in most spots that it can be worked, which I didn't expect in light of the fact that there was still snow on it as little as 3 days ago.

Decided to pull back the mulch from a small area of the garlic bed to see what was up under it, and I was pleased to find this:


The sprouts from the bulbs are about as perfect as I could ask for this time of year, and judging from just the small area I pulled back, looks like 100% sprout. 

This is just two or so plants of about a half a dozen of spinach out there that over-wintered..




And just one patch of three that I have of sorrel (sourgrass)...



So hopefully i can get some other issues squared away soon and get out there within a few days to start turning beds for peas and spinach.....nothing like sinking the pitchfork into the ground for the first time each year.

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Good grief, get out of there. That region is most definitely not fit for human habitation ;)

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That's spring: Cherry blossom. Planted lots of herbs today, also some new berry bushes



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