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Your kitchen duties..

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We all work different positions at restaurants of all kinds and flavors.Some at hi end kitchens,some are lowly cooks at a local diner.I work at a busy asian/fusion restaurant from 10-10 .Its 4:12 pm on a Tues night and im preparing my desserts for the night (Thai mango rice) and gettimg my
curries put together.

I got green chilies,shalllots,garlic and other spices on the pestle&mortar pounding away my frustrations of not having a decent food processor.It broke 3 months ago .

Ive only been working in a kitchen for the past year at this low level restaurant so most of my to do lists arent complicated . What about you chefs,what are you currently up to?

Yikes,better get back to my chillies ,dinner rush in TMINUS23 minutes >frown.gif
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Sitting at the beach.
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trying not to respond in a smartass way to stupid emails coming in from work on my day off.

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What means ....Beaches and ... Days off???

Are you guys sure youre chefs wink.gif
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Originally Posted by EvilPorkChop View Post

What means ....Beaches and ... Days off???

Are you guys sure youre chefs wink.gif

I will be a chef the day I die, probably not working and or getting paid though. Chef, a state of mind chef.gif
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Since semi retirement this week I spent the day snowboarding with 2 of my daughters and having a nice lunch with the entire family. Tonight we're going to the boar and hare for dinner then back to our rental house to relax and surf the net for hotels in Venice, Rome, Florence and Genoa for July. Damn semi retirement is nice.
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A lot of you may hate me on this. On the days i work i take care of ordering, inventory, and start to finish prep. most of the prep is fresh daily and if not its every other day. This includes starting the sauces ground up daily for the next day ( 5 total) veg, butchering proteins if there are not enough left, herb and desert unless i can divy it out to an intern or competent dish guy. that being said we are small, max max 80 covers average 2-2.5 plates per person. and at the end of the day breaking down, more ordering health sheets etc. usually in around 12 out at midnight this being said i work 3 days a week so i cant complain. 

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Sitting on a break right now... Decided to stay at the restaurant as opposed to going to work as a corporate chef for a software company. Too much fun here

I'm the only cook here today so my plate is full. In at 10, lu ch lunch set(gravies, mashed, jus, mush/onion/, veg cut for burgers, last night's prime sliced for French dip) had a party of 30 all sirloins-medium... Nothing major. Did another 55ish on top of that for lunch. Need to brainstorm a menu for a local restaurant week coming up. All independent local restaurants are doing a two course lunch for $8 and three course dinner for $15. It's a big thing we all do every year.. We open for early bird for it though frown.gif

Now to get some meats broken down and more prep done for dinner. Party of 21 at 730, and expecting another 85-90 walk ins. Not a bad day

Out at 1030-11
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inbetween seasons so cleaning and writing new menus.  also getting prepared for a second local opening.  o yea did i mention cleaning.

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My day in a nutshell...


Roll into the local market around 8am.  Do a bit of off the cuff shopping.  Pick out things that will pair well with the already menu'd items.


Be to the kitchen by 9.  Set up my salad bar, make fresh soup (or heat up the soup made yesterday to serve today) and get my lunch special together.  Lunch is served at 11.


By noon I am well into getting dinner worked out.  Prep done for tomorrow.  Finish getting my dessert put together.  Dinner isn't served till 5 so most days I slip out for an hour or so. 


Serve dinner at 5 and hit the road by 5:10.  Unless it is Friday, then I am rolling out by noon because there is no dinner service.


I cook for 22 college sorority ladies, 6 days a week.  But my Friday nights and Saturday nights are completely free.  Lots of good tunes.  I see my "boss" every 3 or 4 weeks.  I write a weekly menu that features really anything I want.  They hired me 2 dishwashers to come in and wash up all the dishes every day.   


Did I mention I have a giant picture window overlooking the backyard at this sorority house?


Life does NOT suck here on my sliver of earth.

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Today we are catering to 3 dif parties,so prepping for this.
Alot of food in togo trays/containers.

Oh,there arent any wimdows in here,world could be ending and Id be oblivious to it.
Steaks ready, salmon ready, working on dessert niw!

Lifes not that great atm.!!##=
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my day starts at 520am, in the kitchen and cooking by 6 set the service kitchen by 645 dropping stocks and starting sauces by 715, family meal by 830. daily prep projects until 12. then cooking lunch service until 2, then set dinner service from 2 until 4 then dinner service until 1030 closed and scrubbed by 1130. just another day in tk dream landlicklips.gif

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Up until a couple of months ago I started at 5:30. I would do my inventory and ordering, answer emails, put together a shopping list and pull product for the prep cooks who would come in at 9:00. But then, the owner decided to do some cost cutting and began with staff hours. I now come in at 8:00 and I only get half of what needs to be done finished which means I have to stay later in the day (I used to get off at around 2:00 or 3:00 now it's 4:00 or later). I'm a morning person and have been for the last 50 years. So, now I've been under a lot of stress trying to get my work list finished before the next crew comes in.


Because of the added stress I've developed a condition called Bell's Palsy. Two nights ago I wound up in Emergency because I thought I had had a stroke. I have nerve damage which has left half my face slightly paralyzed and it was diagnosed as Bell's Palsy attributed to the added stress. Now, I have time off but to handle my work load I've had to bring in two people. So much for cost cutting by the owner.

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Usually getting up at 8 then off to the market for a half hour. Then to the kitchen to start a batch of bread. In another couple weeks my morning will be spent picking black morels. After the bread is made get my line opened. We start serving at 1130. Some of the local farmers are showing up so I talk to them. Check emails. Then flip the line and get prep started for dinner. Dinner usually starts around 630. And then after dinner make a list for the next day and head home for 10-1030. To start it all over.
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