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anyone else get... "the rush" feeling?

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think about it.. one second your sitting there with the other guys on the line so bored and slow that you begin secretly making your own dishes right there to try out.. or whatever you do in utter downtime with everything clean and stocked.. then, out of nowhere.. 20 tickets get rung in. this is what YOU have been waiting for. you hear other guys on the line groaning, but your thinkin "about time!" and you start dropping and getting setups flying like a madman. making everything perfect. from the perfect cooking to taste, and the sauces and so on, to the garnish and the prettiest plate you can make. other people are doing fine going slower, but your average ticket time is down to 4 mins and every plate that comes out is fabulous. right after the rush is gone and before you go out for a smoke, you walk to the dining room and you get this sense of joy seeing the happy faces of ppl eating your wings with sloppy BBQ sauce on their faces down to the little kids eating mac n cheese. you can't wait for the next rush.

I love this feeling. I admit I go into a panic mode a bit when I lose track of orders. but I love it. all of it. and even with a missed order or two, you still make it through.

I just wanna make sure I'm not a freak lol. anyone else feel the same way??
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For the most part yes.  This is a great profession for perfectionist adrenaline junkies...


I would though be rather upset if 20 tickets came back with no warning from the FoH.  Someones head would roll for that.


(I remember working the line a couple years ago...relatively slow evening...reservations were paced out nice.  In the middle of a lull an order/fire comes back for 4 entrees all off the saute station.  Saute guy got really mad.  When the server, a new hire, who rang it in comes to the back he asks her "Where the hell did this come from?  Why weren't we told we had a 4top walkin?"  and she responds "Its just a 4top.  I didn't think a 4top was a big deal!"  And he replies "EVERY table is a big deal!")


Not sure about the missed order or two either...did you just not make them?


but otherwise, yeah, sometimes I live for those blasts of work.  But, I get very upset when we're not ready for them;  I want to be in control of whats going on in the kitchen...every station is prepped right, all the mise is in place, etc..  So as long as its a rush where we're ready for it, I love it.  

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I don't know about the missed tables either. That would have really got me upset. As for the whole rush of 60-80 people comming in. Ya it can be fun if everyone knows what there doing. I've been caught in situations wear 225 come threw the door, planned mind you. And your looking at your guys and your the only one that's been there fdor more then a month lol. It sucked.
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all I mean abt the missed tables is like a missed drop and it ends up getting out a little late that's all lol I could never imagine just plainly missing a table..

as for foh not telling us.. I just want it to be more obvious of the adrenaline.. I'd hope that foh would tell us about that sort of thing.. it was for the intensity of the story lol.
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Well, this sure does happen! I feel like I get this more than the other guys on line, but that probably comes from working a printer station. There's something intoxicating about picking up tonnes of food from your team, plating it perfectly and flying tickets at the expediter faster than they know what to do with - give me Friday lunch rushes any day.


I agree though - if I find out there's 20-30 open menus that FOH didn't tell me about, I'm going to be having a firm chat with someone later.


I only wish that I could spread this feeling more easily. Probably just about choosing the right people, but whenever I hear the printer chatter and then someone groan.......I just wonder "why are you here?".


That's not to say I like getting whited out though. There are some times when it's just too much to handle and you wonder....where are these people even sitting?

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Peregrine. I think the same thing when I hear people start whinning when the printer goes off. Makes my think that there not motivated to work. And lacking passion.
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To my mind that's the difference between a chef and a cook. One if a career choice the other is a job, I feel sorry for the whiny jobbers, it must be hell working in a kitchen if you don't actually enjoy it.

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Not on the restaurant line anymore, but I can relate. My first bbq wedding. Biggest job i ever did... I was looking at the guests arriving and panicking. " Who the hell am I kidding I can't do this" Seconds later and I'm in the groove and so are my staff and the food's going out there like it was meant. I had newbies on the floor like they were veterans. The buffet's running like a charm and I'm working the grills as well as keeping everyone together. Its the one gig we all remember with a big smile.


When my job was done, I looked in on the room and was so overwhelmed by the success of the night. I tear-up just thinking about it now

The koudos was pretty fab too


When you're in the groove...

"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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