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Gelato making courses

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I am interested in learning how to make gelato and have found these 2 places in Italy that offer such course:


1. Carpigiani Gelato University

2. Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary & Pastry Arts (ICI), http://www.italianculinary.it/


My main objective is to learn the basics but concerned that the courses will be a sales pitch. Have anyone attended these courses before?



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Did you have a conclusion about this ICI Gelato course ?


I'm now looking for a course myself and i also found mainly these two places.


it is (including expenses) 3000 Euro for me.... so I have to verify these places really give what they promise !?!


can you assist ?



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If you're in America, I highly recommend talking to Maria Coassin, she's learned the hardcore old school way and has one of the most successful gelato shops in north America (in gloomy, rainy seattle no less).


And she started teaching a few years ago.



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I am looking for a gelato making course to start my own shop. Wanted to get a feedback about the courses you took and where. Thank you.

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