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Misono Price

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Has anyone noticed that the prices for Misono has dropped over the last month or two?  Does anyone know why?  I feel like I got ripped off buying mine a few months too soon.

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If the new, lower prices are limited to one or two retailers, it's possible they're sale prices.  If the decrease is more or less "system-wide," it probably reflects Misono's decision to peg their wholesale prices to the yen, which has dropped close to 20% against the dollar over the past few months. 


Why aren't other makers doing the same thing?  Good question.



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consider that retailers buy when they buy, so if inventory is from a time where the price was higher, the price will be higher... there's often a bit of a delay in lowering prices, but it usually does happen.  Also, sometimes retailers dont raise prices right away, in hopes that the extra expense is temporary.  FWIW, we've lowered some prices on things that are coming in more recently.

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