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Are semi carbon steel knives such as the kikuichi tkc  the same as molybdenum knives??? confused a bit because have seen a kikuichi molybdenum knife vs the performance tkc and was wondering if some sites are calling the semi stainless steeel knives this?? Also does anyone know a few good reputable sites to purchase knives online??

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when people refer to a molybdenum steel, the vast majority of the time, its stainless, not semistainless.

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whats the difference in pure stainless and molybdenum

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Whats the difference in pure stainless and molybdenum?


There's no good answer, because the question is based on false premises.  There's no such thing as pure stainless steel.  And molybdenum is not, by itself, steel. 


Steel in itself is not "pure."  Steel is an iron alloy containing at least some carbon.  Modern stainless steel also contains at least 13% chromium.  Stain resistant and semi-stainless steels contain significant but lesser amounts of chromium.  And for that matter so do some "carbon" steels (with the term "carbon" used only to indicate that the alloy is not stainless, stain free, stain resistant or semi-stainless). 


Other elements such as manganese, molybdenum and vanadium are added to the alloy to produce certain desired results and to mediate the undesirable side effects of other additives such as chromium.  Molybdenum is usually added to increase toughness.  Steels with significant amounts of molybdenum are often referred to as "moly steels."  All of the good stainless knife steels are moly steels, but so do a lot of carbon steels -- especially "tool steels" like A2 and CPM10V, and some high-end specialty knife carbon steels as well, Aogami Super for instance.   


Because molybdenum is such a common addition it's a bit misleading for a knife maker to refer to a knife as "moly steel," as though that were something special. 



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