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Bay leaves???

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What does the function of adding a bay leaf to a stock due? If it is adding some flavor I must not have good taste buds as I have tried the same dishes 1 with and 1 without and can't tell the difference.

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Yes, it adds flavor, in the same way adding thyme, or parsley, etc... does.


The fact that you can not tell the difference does not mean that your tastebuds are bad. It could simply be that you've never really paid attention and therefore you don't know what taste to detect...


Here's what I suggest: exaggerate. Next time you make a dish, use 5 bay leaves. Or 10. Which will most likely be too many, and you should be able to taste that. Once you know exactly what kind of flavor the bay leaves bring to the plate, you can start going back to more reasonable amounts, and you'll now be able to detect their flavor. 

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Also, try fresh bay leaves. Much more aromatic. A lot of the dried stuff you see in the shops is indeed nearly devoid of taste.

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