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Help starting a company

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So I am strongly considering starting a small catering company.


My idea is to do small in home dinner parties for clients. We come in, make the dinner, have someone talk about the food/wine if you want, clean up and leave. I would like to do a “soft open” for friends and family to get their feedback and get word of mouth going. Then I was considering hooking up with local shops that have good wine/gourmet foods to advertise with the offer that we would buy some product from them for letting us put out materials in their shop.


I know that I need to talk to my local health department first about health code and then possibly a lawyer for liability issues but...


What other things should I have on my radar? What are some potential pitfalls that I need to be aware of?


I have done some catering in the past and a good amount of restaurant service. The other people I’m looking to bring in on this have a lot of catering experience and one of them has experience doing in home parties.


Thank you for any and all comments!

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