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Rentering culinary field after 25 years!

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I am trying to return to professional cooking after 25 years! My resume last lists cooking in! How can I make this relevant so I can find my way back to the kitchen







Kevin Winters



I am seeking a position that will allow me to rekindle my passion for cooking, and develop skills in a culinary setting.




Holiday Inn, 7390 W Hampden, Lakewood, Co                                                     1988-1989                                                                 

      Line Cook/First Cook

Broiler cooking for dinner shift

Assisting Sous Chef with various kitchen duties during slow periods

Created new lower cost menu items & created Friday and Saturday buffet for dinner hours

            * Promoted to First Cook


Mount Vernon Country Club, 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden, Co 80401                        1985-1988                 

       Banquet Cook

Following and completing kitchen prep list for high volume cooking events

Set up and break down of banquet stations

Moving hot boxes, coolers and containers of food items to the service area

Working carving stations and plating food items


Baby Does Matchless Mine, 2520 W 23rd Ave, Denver Co                                                  1983-1985                                       

        Prep Cook/Line Cook

Preparation of all Meats, Vegetables, Sauces for high volume line cooking & large banquets

Assisting Line cooks as needed during rush hour & setting up food items for line


Denver Marina Hotel, 303 W Colfax, Denver co 80202                                                            1979-1983

Cooking breakfast & lunch menu items al a carte, setting up breakfast and or lunch buffets for parties 50-200

Assisting executive chef with preparation of soups, sauces, & meat items for banquets

Assisted in food purchasing, inventory, and control.

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Apply for a prep cook position to start with, there have been quite a few changes in the professional kitchen since 1989!
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