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I need your help. And FAST! I cook dinner service for a college and there is at least one student that I know of who is absolutely Bulimic. She is skinnier then a rail and she takes multiple plates of the fattiest, starchiest, most calorie filled foods we put out. I want to help her and others but I don't know how. I have talked to management who knows of the situation and says there is nothing we can do. I feel it is bullshit and I NEED to do something. I'm trying to come up with a campaign to spread awareness about eating disorders.


This is a very close and personal topic to me. I have suffered from an eating disorder myself and I know the hell she and others are going through.


I need suggestions. Maybe set up an eating disorder awareness day? Please help. It is literally a matter of life and death.

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Contact student services. All colleges have different names for the office but mental health is part of it. Also contact the local chapter of whatever group handles bulimia and anorexia to see what ideas they have for how to step in. You can see what student groups are on campus and ask which ones could help out. The right students can be a big help. See if they would be willing to start a campus support group on campus and make sure she finds out about it. 

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I was told student services has been called but there is nothing they can do. I've been online all night researching eating disorders and more specifically bulimia. I just sent and email to health services and I'm going to look into starting a support organization for eating disorders. Thank you for the ideas.

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This has much more to do with mental health than physical health. What can you do? Be a friend. Talk to her. Ask questions. Be interested. After that it's all left up to her. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, right or wrong.
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