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ozzie signing in

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Hi all,

Finally a site where I can get some insight in other peoples experiences, in my case mainly the right equipment. I have found that nowadays even the top brands are not made to last and really want other chefs opinion what is the best out there for range hoods, cooking ranges, target tops, fryers etc. I use gas, but have a open mind for induction cooking. Don't mind to spend the money, I just want to be able to throw it from the top floor of the hotel and still light it up after.

I have worked at my current work place (4* hotel) since 2006 alongside my head chef who has been there for 25 years (poor man), we are a great team, because we respect each other and I don't try and backstab him to get his job, not yet anyway.

Great to be part of this community.

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Welcome Ozzie to Chef Talk.

There are many folk here that can help out with any sort of equipment question, and I’m not talking about the Pro-chefs entirely, Home Cooks bring a lot to the table too.

You may want to utilize the search bar at the top of the page, as many topics have been around the world multiple times.

‘Like’ on Face Book as well, there’s always something tasty cookin’ there.

I hope to see some pix of your work in the Galleries soon.


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