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Orange loaf?

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   Hi! i happen to have a few blood oranges that are in danger of going bad and i was wondering if you fine ppl could help me out with some ideas on how i could use them? I was thinking they might be good in some kind of loaf but i am open to ANY ideas just nothing TO out of this world! and nothing to expensive.



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Go check out this post:   post #87.

It's originally for clementines, but blood oranges can be swapped out no problemmo. 


The Perfect Clementine Cake

Five ingredients and gluten-free.





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This is a lovely cake baked in a 9X5 loaf pan and it's better the 2nd day:


When I made it I used peel from three oranges rather than two and I skipped the sauce entirely, so it didn't require 6 oranges to make.

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