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Free education?

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Is it possible to get a free culnary education (pastry) in Europe or United States?

If yes, what does a person need?

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Just go work in a good pastry shop. 

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Many community colleges offer a Culinary Arts degree, some allow you to have "focuses". This is what I did at Southern Maine Community College, Associates Degree in Applies Sciences in Culinary Arts, Pastry Concentration. It's a 2 year degree (3 semesters per year - Spring, Summer, Fall) You still have to take "none pastry" classes and and business management classes. The goal of the degree is to start your own food service business, so it includes human resources classes, business accounting, etc, in addition to kitchen classes.  Cost wise it's about $2,000 per semester (more if you live on campus) or a total of around $12,000. HOWEVER, if you apply for Pell Grant ($5,500 per semester, for up to 8 semesters) and scholarships it is possible to get the degree without paying a penny out of pocket. Me, I dd a triple major (3 degrees), so I required student loans in addition to Pell Grant and scholarships. 


So, in answering your question, I would head to your local state owned community college and find out if they have a culinary arts program, and if they do than sign up and apply for the Pell Grant, and you should be able to get your degree for free.




Just noticed it says you live in Russia, but you asked about education in the USA. Just wanted to add, SMCC (the college I went to in Maine, USA) has a program for students from overseas. I'm not familiar with it, but I know SMCC has a financial aid program for oversea students, similar to the Pell Grant and it pays for pretty much all of the tuition costs. SMCC has a large community (more than 2,000) of overseas students, but no idea what the requirements are for the finacial aid program. I believe that most of the community colleges in USA have programs like this.

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Find a good hotel with a great pastry chef. If you show you are willing to learn he or she will train you.

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Some community colleges give a free education. City College of San Francisco has two programs: a free certificate program and a paid degree program.

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I am interested in that please help me
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I joined the FSTA of northern New Jersey, well worth it too---------

 THE FOOD SERVICE TRAINING ACADEMY: is a program i found for free since im 8 gs in debt I figured this is the perfect place to start learning , lo and beholld after telling them i was umemployed and nailing the interciew they called me back and i start on the 30th

benefits - its 15 weeks- you get a servsafe degree - you learn cooking baing butchering to an extent -you are almost guarunteed a job when you are done,- they provide bus passes and monthly stipends for transportation and their truly free, its the food bank the one that gives out cans to homeless people.


how to find a program like this

1 HIT the books. your local library has information ( some outdated ) on how to get a job any job,,,,

2 look in databases for culinary arts schools under budgets and area etcetera, find the cheapest  one or the fsta website,

3 call the number and keep bugging them til they let you come to an inter ci]]vew


food luck

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