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Hello from Minnesota

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I am new, I found this site while doing a search for a yellow cake recipe (I have some duck eggs!) and I decided to join.


I am an accomplished home cook, but definitely an amateur. I make most of our food from scratch and because of where I live I am able to acquire fresh, sustainable farm raised products. I appreciate the people who work hard to give their animals a dignified and happy life.


I grow my own vegetables, but I live in MN, so our season is short. I was a longtime breeder of Arabian horses and I still have a barnful. I love dogs and spent a large part of my life known as the "crazy dog lady"!


I guess that's about it. I'm glad to have stumbled upon this site. I think it will be very informative and useful to me. Sandra

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Aloha Sandra, Welcome to Chef Talk.

I mean, come on, how great is this place, right?

I was doing the same thing almost two years ago, I was looking for a half sheet pan and here I am.

You might want to take a lookey-loo into the Chef’s Garden forum, there’s good stuff there!

Also, the Pro forums are interesting to read, folks not in the biz are asked to not post there though.  If you do have questions in regards to the site itself, you can post them up in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

I do hope that your very full life, will allow you to visit and share in our shared passion for food, often.

Once again, welcome.

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Ah yes.  It snowed 10" last night in the Twincities.  :)

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Thanks for the info and welcome. I wil enjoy this site.

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We got a foot of snow on Thursday. It's slowly melting away.......

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Thanks goodness our snow in CT is gone. Got tired of seeing the white out my window for months. Welcome.

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“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
Oscar Wilde



“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
Oscar Wilde



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