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As I've said before, I AM making cheese and yogurt.  However....with a family of 3, we can only eat so much yogurt.  LOL  I do a gallon of milk a week into yogurt and that's as long as the yogurt will store.  The cheese, while easy, is a LONG process to make.  It takes me 5 to 6 hours ) to make the cheese and I have to stay where I can hear my timer going off.

 In case you're wondering why that long:

 I have to gently warm the 2 gallons of milk from fridge temp to cheese temp....I could hurry that up by turning my burner on high and risk scorching my milk and thus ruining it for making cheese (unlike I want scorched flavor in there).  30 minutes

Add culture and let sit for 45 minutes

Add rennet and let sit for another 45 minutes

Cut the curd and raise the temp to 100 by no more than 2 degrees every 5 minutes.....30 minutes usually, sometimes longer depending on how warm my kitchen is

Drain the curds and wrap to hang....10 minutes or so

Hang curds for 1 hour

While the curds are hanging, I cook the whey to make ricotta....this usually takes about an hour and I need to check it every so often to make sure my heat isn't too high (scorching again) and that it doesn't actually boil (ruins your curds big time)

Have to separate the block of curds and add salt and mix and put into form 20 to 30 minutes depending on how fast I work

Press for 15 minutes

In the meantime, I'm turning off the ricotta and letting it set for about 20 minutes

Turn the cheese over and press again (this time it's for 12 hours and I'm pretty much free of it until I have to turn it again and press for 12 hours again)

Slowly pour HOT whey off ricotta and let ricotta drain for 20 or 30 minutes (I get about a cup and half of fresh ricotta every time)

Clean up....30 minutes or so

24 hours later, I have to remove the cheese from the press and let dry for a couple days.  After the outside of the cheese has dried and formed a "rind" I have to melt the wax and then wax it....another hour or so of time.


It isn't difficult, just extremely time consuming and to have,basically, a half day gone every 2 days is sometimes difficult.  We're coming into summer and horse show and fair season....I don't have that kind of time.  And, if I have the 2 gallons of milk on a day when I'm not going to be home....wellll.....then I can end up with 4 gallons that needs processing!  I also have fibromyalgia so there are days that just getting out of bed is an accomplishment, let alone having to deal with a lengthy process and after a day of total activity, my body starts rebelling.


Quit milking???  If you all can convince my hubby he doesn't have to keep milking both goats....I'd love you forever!  We will be bringing our 4H pigs home this next week so any extra milk can go to them.  Guess extra eggs could too for that matter.

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I know you are making cheddar... I was suggesting that you make parmasian or asiago etc. as they use up more milk (less yield).


Anyway - seems like you are in way beyond your capacity - time to find / make a good friend in the community!


One who has lots of time and likes to make cheese would be great! 


Maybe donate it to a local group?


Other than that - churn it to butter / queso fresco and then feed the whey to the farm animals.



"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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Ahhhh....I haven't tried anything beyond cheddar cause I've just been scared to try something that takes a little more.  LOL  I need to try the parmesan since we use a LOT of it around here.  No one wants the goats milk so I'm kind of out of luck there.  I haven't done the butter yet because I'm lazy and don't like the thot of having to get all the liquid out.  But, having said's next on my list to start making.

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And....just refreshed myself on exactly why I haven't done parmesan.  It has to set out for 2 months before I can wax it.  I have absolutely nowhere to set a block of cheese for 2 months.  I have to store my cheddar in my mother's cellar because I don't have a place to put it.  Oh well....that's the way it goes.  When I get my NEW kitchen (in the next 20 years or so  LOL) I'll make a cheese curing space

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