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Hello from Central Califonia.

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This should be insightful and fun. Looking forward to picking some brains in here and helping out where I can.


My name is Matt as you can tell. I'm an Executive Chef in a hospital setting. I've been in food service for 20 years (as of August this year). My first 10 years were spent working/ apprenticing in various country clubs, steak houses, hotels, and bistros.


I joined the healthcare side 10 years ago when my first son was born because I needed the stability/ vacation time/ insurance for my family. It's been a blessing to say the least. I have a great boss and my team of chefs have been hand picked and trained by me.


Anyway, there's a little background about myself. I am a certified sous chef just now looking to get started on the process of becoming a certified executive chef. Which is how I stumbled on this site.


Thanks for reading and here's to a happy future.


Keep a low flame...



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Aloha, Welcome Matt to Chef Talk.

So glad that you found all of us.

Isn’t this place something?

I joined almost 2 years ago as a Home Cook looking for an answer to a question.  CT has given me the confidence in myself to take to big leap.

That sounds like quite the journey we’ve been on.  Maybe you could drop by the Culinary Student forums to impart some of your wisdom.

I’m sure you’ve already looked around and have a feel for what’s what.  If you have questions in regards to the site itself though, post ‘em up in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

I hope to see you here as often as your busy schedule will allow.

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Thanks for the welcome. I'll check it out. I haven't dabbled too much into the forums or site yet, but I will and will be a major contributor around here!
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