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Hello from the Falls

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Hi everyone! I am a life long cook at home. With TONS of encouragement from my family & friends and a little of my realizing my own creativity, I have decided to leave my current university, I am a junior Geosciences student, to do what I have always loved to do at home; BAKE. Nothing makes me more content in the face of any emotion that I am feeling than cooking. I love to do all kinds of cooking but baking is my favorite. So much, that I'll bake for anyone & any occation. My sister always laughed at me for getting lost in my "world of flours"; wearing my favorite aprons & listening to my headphones dancing around any kitchen. I am truly excited for this journey that I am going on & am looking for any advice, suggestions or criticisms from people that share the same passion that I do.

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Is your avatar a photo of one of your cakes, it looks fantastic!

That’s some 360 degree turn you made, Geosciences?  All the best to you.

I think that you’ll that most of the 45,000 + members here at Chef Talk share in your feelings.  Even as a retiree, I still put my ear buds in and rock the kitchen, so to speak.

Take a look around and if you have any questions, just give a shout.

Mostly though, ENJOY!

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Thank you very much. Yes, that was my first fondant cake that I made for my best friend's birthday. She is a lover of fine handbags & her two favorite colors are blue & yellow. The base is a thin triple layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, half sheet cake. The Dooney & Bourke purse is carved poundcake. I have made many theme cakes for friends & family, all while still in college. I love geology passionately but I am getting too old to be able to be competative in the field with my younger colleagues. So, after staying up at night my husband asked me why I was taking geology as a major? I gave him all the standard answers & he replied "Is that what you see yourself doing when we're old?". I couldn't see my self climbing mountains in 30 years let alone with a pack full of tools & rock samples. So, I talked to my family & they asked me why I waited so long and that I should have done this to begin with. Thank you again & I am very excited to meet everyone.

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