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Italian Meringues

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I'm having huge trouble with my italian meringues at work. We put them on a lemon base. At the moment, I use a recipe of 1000g sugar, 500g egg whites, a few drops of lemon juice.

I add water to the sugar and boil it to 115c. While I'm bringing the sugar to temp I put the whites in a hobart and bring them to soft peaks, on speed 2. After that, I drop the speed to 1 and add my sugar, slowly to the whites. When the sugar is added, I take it to 2, and then keep it on that until the bowl goes cold again. 


I'm frequently getting meringues that are either far too wet, so they won't hold shape at all, or won't cut right once on the base. Sometimes they are just simply too 'sticky' to cut right.


Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

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My guess is that the lemon juice(acid) is inverting the sugar

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So should I leave the lemon out? I was told that this helps to bind the sugar to the whites..

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I was always taught to bring the temp up to 118 plus degrees until u get it to " boule " . Measure temp off the stove. 

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also, whip on high speed (speed 3 if you have 3 speeds) once the syrup is added.


the 2:1 ratio of sugar to whites makes a heavy meringue. sweet, but dries firmer and more white in colour compared to 1:1

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use cornflour power insted of lemon juice.finsh sugar initially 

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