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Hello From Texas :)

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Hi all,


I really enjoy cooking! Lately, I have found a love in baking cupcakes and cakes. And, I am captivated by learning new decorating/design tips.However, the more I bake, the more questions I tend to develop.


My hopes are high in that I found a place where I can get plenty of answers. I am looking forward to chatting it up with you all.

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Hi ButterSwirl! Baking is amazing. Have you gone to school or are you home educated? Good luck in your ventures.

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Thank you for the response :)  I am home educated.  I took only one class with Wilton's, but it was frustrating. I am the type of person who does lots of research and then, dives head first (when it comes to recipes).


I am enjoying the challenges of baking....and, boy let me tell ya - there are many!


I tried to post a picture of some of my "work" (hehe), but it takes so long to upload pics.


- ButterSwirl

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