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a chip on the edge

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the edge of my chef's knife blade is chipped (less than 1MM across).  if i continue to sharpen it with the sharpen steel, will the chipped edge continue to worsen? 

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You really should remove it by adequate stone sharpening. This means equally removing steel along the entire edge, restoring a relief bevel (thinning) and normal sharpening, all to restore the original geometry.
The chip area has been weakened and when ignored may become an overgrind that won't touch the board anymore - a hole, so to say.
When this sounds too dramatic: a micro-chip may wait til the next sharpening, but 1mm is in another category. I guess the area around the chip was already weakened in some way, causing that chipping to occur.
And by the way: steeling is no sharpening. There is no real abrasion - removal - of weakened steel. Only truing, and - often - further weakening.
What kind of knife is involved, and do you know what has caused the chipping?
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