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Hello from Qatar!

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This site is excellent, I am an American living in the middle east. The restaurants here suck, but that's good as it makes me improve my own skills! Sadly it's an electric world here, I miss my gas range...
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Aloha ,Welcome to Chef Talk.

You are so right!  Living in a different country can be a challenge, we’re happy that you found all us.

Join the conversation or start a thread of your own, on that I might suggest that you do a search at the top of the page to find any previous discussions on the topic.  A note ont htat though, folks not employed in the fodd industries are asked to tread only in the Pro forums.  The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are fantastic, oh and the Special Guest Forum makes for a good read.

Once you’ve gone over the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines and you have questions in regards to the website, pleasepost them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum, where some will get back with you shortly.  I think that you’ll find that we have great respect for one another.


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