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Newbie help identifying?

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Hi folks' new here :-)

We were after copper pots and stumbled upon these at a bric and brac shop and loved them instantly. We paid £50 for them.

Does anyone know who these are by? Was this a good deal? Are they safe to cook in?

All they seem to have is made in France.

Thanks for any help!



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To me it looks like youve  stumbled upon gold, but thats just my opinion. Been looking around to find a similar deal somewhere, but no luck so far. They are usually great for cooking, but have a tendency to devour time if you like to have them nice, shiny and polished.

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They look amazing, but they look like they're tin lined. 

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You say "tin lined" like it's a bad thing, French Fries. I thought that was a good thing?


I understand tin is a better conductor than stainless steel.


And tin-lined pans can be re-tinned if needed. 


What's the down side?

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The downside is that you have to have the pots re-tinned, which will cost you much more than what you paid for the pots.


Don't get me wrong: that's still an incredible purchase. I'm hoping you can find a place where they can re-tin them for you for not too much money. 

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Thank you for the comments folks:-)

Do you know who made them company wise?

Do these need retining?

I guess the time to retin is when we see copper through the tin?

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